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Jeanne's Writing Portfolio hand with pen


A Tribute to the New York City Transit Authority published in Purdue Exponent Creative Writing Edition 1995

Anatomy of Violence Assorted poems Prey Fan Fiction
Beam me up, Scotty Her Last Picture  


Escapes premiered originally on Phoenix Virtual Television as an episode in a fan version of Prey's second season.

    Put Christmas Away Slowly  
Granny Mind Games    
    Self Portrait at 52  
Home for Christmas published in December 1995 edition of Purdue Student Health Center Newsletter The Day the Flowers Cried    
    Solstice Advent...  
On Your Left! The Remnant    
    Summer Days  
Oops! Weddings and Funerals...    
    Crazy Quilt  
The Kestral Xin Jie, Lucille, and Quantum Leap    
The Nightmare before Christmas. published in December 1997 edition of Purdue Student Health Center Newsletter Autobiographical    



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