Second Looks proprietor Benny Winstead has refinished and restored antique and vintage furniture for hundreds of satisfied customers in the last twenty years. In 2013 he decided to retire from the furniture refinishing business to enjoy his team of mules and his hobby farm. The industry will miss his proud work and devotion, but we wish him well in his retirement!


Benny and Jeanne Winstead
7006 S 450 E
Lafayette, Indiana 47909
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For your convenience we have provided links to local and online businesses and resources for your furniture refinishing needs!

Furniture Refinishers and Antique Restorers
(Lafayette, Indiana and elsewhere)

  • AnneMarie Kaufman, caning, porch weave, splint weave, fiber rush, and pressed caned, 765-742-8586
  • Dennis Davis, all types of chair caning, including traditional spider web pattern, 765-538-2785
  • John Jenkins, chair caning, 765-492-4056 (summer), 239-454-0990 (winter) -
    Maker of Double Five Gameboard
  • Frank Copeland, chair caning, 765-464-0123
  • Kim's Upholstery & Custom Shop Slipcovers, 765-497-7772
    (caning, rush, wicker repair - search or scroll down to state of Indiana)
  • Marquis Dolls Museum & Restoration
    214 N 5th Street
    Lafayette IN 47901
    (765) 429-6365
  • online yellow pages

Flea Market and Antique Dealers' Resource Section


Samples of Ben's Furniture Refinishing Legacy

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In 2013 Ben retired from the Furniture Refinishing business. Click for links to other Furniture Refinishers and Antique Restorers in Indiana.

Samples of Jeanne's Photo Restoration Work

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Once you have your photos digitally retouched, they will never fade away again - if they do, you just print or have a film developer print a new copy! Jeanne has Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom and is taking computer graphic design classes at Ivy Tech, as she can. She has worked with digital photographs for over ten years. She is starting a photo touch-up service to restore and repair old photos. As a startup venture, she is happy to offer discounted rates. She will give you her best effort and if the repair requires more than she can give, she will be honest with you and refer you on to other professionals.

One advantage to digital retouching is that your precious photos need never leave your possession or even leave your house, if you have a scanner! Jeanne will be happy to walk you through obtaining a high quality scan which you can then email to her. The retouched images can be returned via email or downloaded or mailed on a dvd. Or you can do business with her in person if you prefer.

We accept Pay Pal.

Purchases are not final until images meet your approval.

Contact Jeanne for questions and estimates!


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